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Anonymous asked: Why dont you use your new fancy powers to drop a house on Zelena?







Cause I’m still trying to get a feel for my magic and not sure if I could do that. Plus that death would be quick and I want to make it hurt for everything she has done.


Actually, that’s not entirely a bad idea.


We’re not dropping a house on her. I doubt anyone is going to offer up their house to be used as a weapon. 


A fair point, I suppose. Most would not consider giving up their home for any but the most extreme circumstances.


People don’t want to lose the place they call home, especially when we can find another way to stop the Wicked Witch. She isn’t worth ruining a home.


I know you’ll find a way to defeat her, Swan.

“You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.Tom Hiddleston.

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Favorite “Snowing” episodes:

Snow Falls (1x03)

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haha are you kidding me


Look at Bucky turn around, grin ready on his face, Steve look at the flying car, just bonkers, ain’t it? But no, Steve’s not there.

Immediately, his expression drops. This guy’s on a date, and his best friend steps away from his side for one whole minute and Bucky’s face is all suddenly WORRY and DREAD.

Where’d Steve get himself off to now??

Oh shit, what if he inhales some pollen and dies?????

What if he finds some stairs and falls down them????


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killian jones + that awkwardly cute hand thing

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romancelvr asked: Ok you seem to have a hell of a good eye for television critique and spec so I'm gonna ask for your opinion pls Out of all the TLK spec the only plot twist as silly as it may be is that hook and emma under whatever circumstance kiss and emma actually does lose her magic do you see any possibility of that happening? And also thanks for reading lol


Well thank you for the compliment, sweetie, but I don’t have as great of an eye as you’d think. I’ve just done this shipping/fandom thing before in a MUCH more volatile fandom so it’s very easy for me to keep a level head now. A&E are also my favorite tv writers ever. I have a LONG history with them. They are two of the most capable and down to earth writers in the business (to me) so again, it’s easy for me to not stress about them.

Yes, I could see Emma willingly giving up her powers if Henry’s life was on the line. But then again, I’m torn. Because in order to lose them, she’d have to kiss Hook. I’m of the belief that ANY kiss between them right now would definitely be a TLK. I think Emma is in love with him. Do I think she realizes just how deep it goes? No. Do I think she’s even admitted to herself that she’s in love with him? No. But the feelings are there (imo) whether she’s had that realization or not. So while I could see her making the choice to give them up, I don’t know if she would actually lose them. I could see her kissing Hook, expecting to lose her powers but it creates such an energy from their kiss that it breaks both Hook’s curse, Henry’s memory curse AND the curse on the SB people. I could also see Emma asking Hook why he tried TLK on her when he found her and then kissing Hook in complete confidence that she won’t lose her powers. Like maybe it just dawns on her all of the sudden. Because I’m of the belief that Emma’s magic and her feelings for Hook go hand in hand. When she embraces one, she will embrace the other. Which is exactly what we were starting to see in the diner scene.

I saw some promo pictures for the upcoming episode and Regina has Henry’s fairytale book. I think she gives it to him to try and reconnect with him and to maybe jog his memories. It also looks like this happens @ the beginning of the episode. IDK man, seems pretty coincidental that Regina tries to jog Henry’s memories in an episode where they could possibly be restored. A&E said in their latest interview that the situation with Henry is resolved fairly quickly and early on and in response to a question about the rest of Hook’s missing year, they said a huge chunk of the missing year for everyone will be revealed in the next episode. We’re also finding out who cast the curse. I really don’t see them letting Henry goes through this situation with Zelena and then NOT giving him back his memories so that Emma is having to explain every little thing to him. I do have a feeling Emma will kiss Hook to save Henry, thinking she’s losing her powers and it will backfire in Zelena’s face b/c it will undo every curse and all of the sudden Regina, Charming & Snow have their memories, the knowledge of what happened in the EF and a lot more in their corner to help defeat Zelena and it sets the events in motion that will help defeat her. 

I also think this is why OQ kissed in the last episode — in the description for the coming episode it says their relationship starts heating up. How amazing would that be for them to get their memories back just as their relationship starts getting to that point? So now Regina has to deal with her relationship with Robin and what that means and Emma has to deal with the fact that she and Hook are true love. All of this combined with the fact that A&E wrote the upcoming episode themselves, IDK, I just feel like it’s going to be one of the eps we’ve all been waiting for since Hook tried the TLK on Emma in Going Home.

But I COULD BE SO WRONG. These are just my thoughts given the information we already have. Seriously, I’m probably way wrong but you asked for my thoughts and now you have them. haha. :)